The Bilquees Press Buy Direct E-Store ... And Save

Bilquees Press

Although all of Bilquees Press's books are available for purchase through, if you purchase any of these books directly through Bilquees Press, you will garner savings of anywhere from: $2.00, to: $12.00 per item, with the average being around $5.00 in savings per book.

In addition, from time to time, Bilquees Press will be running specials through which one may gain even greater savings. So, be sure to return to this page from time to time to see what is going on and if there is any new offer of interest to you.

If you would like to purchase Bilquess Press products through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Kindle, or other additional means of product distribution, please go to either: (a)Alternative Venues Through Which To Purchase Bilquees Press Items, or (b)Amazon Store At A Glance

Amazon Customers

Bilquees Press has partnered up with Amazon and is making use of the Checkout By Amazon program. This means that if you already have an account with Amazon, then purchasing items through the Bilquees Press Buy Direct E-store will be as easy and as safe as purchasing products through Amazon.

All Bilquees Press Buy Direct E-store items have an 'Amazon Buy' button associated with them. This means that if you would like to purchase any of the products in the Bilquees Press Buy Direct E-store, then the purchasing process will be exactly the same as if you were buying something from Amazon from the moment that the 'Buy' button is clicked ... and the reason that it is the same is because the checkout process is operated and managed by Amazon.

For each product in the Bilquees Press Buy Direct E-store, there will be a lower price (which is available to those who purchase items here) and a higher price (which is available to those who go to and purchase the same items there). When a customer clicks on the 'Amazon Buy' button associated with a given Bilquees Press Buy Direct E-store item, the Amazon Checkout program will register the lower price ... resulting in savings for the customer. Depending on the store item in which a person is interested, sometimes these savings are modest, and sometimes they are more substantial ... ranging from: $2.00, to: $12.00 per item.

In the not too distant future, there should be a shopping cart feature in the Bilquees Press Buy Direct E-store. This will enable potential customers to buy more than one item at a time should they wish to do so -- all in a safe, reliable, and protected manner.

Non-Amazon Customers

If, currently, you do not have an Amazon account, the checkout process at the Bilquess Press Buy Direct E-store also provides you with an opportunity to shop in a safe, protected manner through a highly encrypted and effective checkout process. In fact, there is a double layer of protection associated with the Bilquees Press Buy Direct E-store. Part of this protection comes from Amazon, and part of this safety comes through a Positive SSL Protected Web Site Certificate. In both cases, your private information will stay that way.

Last Updated on: May 15, 2010