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The Sufi-Mysticism.Org Web Site is offering free podcasts. The title of this podcast is Sufi Reflections

If you would like to subscribe

If you would like to subscribe (it is free) to the Sufi Reflections podcast and receive new podcasts as they become available, then, enter the following xml url into your podcast receiving software. This will permit you to subscribe to the podcast, and you can program your podcast receiving software to download the podcast at a time which is convenient for you (usually overnight or while you are at work/school). Once the podcast has been downloaded, you can either listen to the MP3 on your computer or via your MP3 player.

The RSS syndication link for Sufi Reflections is:


Podcast Receiving Software

There are a variety of podcast catching software programs which are very simple to operate. Just as importantly, most of these programs are free. Below, one will find a download link for Juice (formerly ipodder) which is free, open source software. It is quite straightforward and easy to use.

iPodder 2.0.5
Other free versions of podcast catching software which I have tried and like are Nimq and Happy Fish. They are both free and are very easy to use, but, for a number of reasons -- one of which is out of homage to Adam Curry and Dave Winer who had the original idea of podcast catching software, I have selected Juice as my podcast catching software of choice.

If you would like to learn about and/or download a copy of Nimq podcast catching software (which Adam Curry calls a "sweet" piece of software, and it weighs in at a little more than 1/2 a MB)), Please go to:

Nimiq Podcast Catching Software

If you would like to take a look at Happy Fish podcast catching software, then, go to:

Happy Fish

All three of the foregoing versions of podcast catching software run on Microsoft Net Framework 1.1. The easiest way to see if your computer has Net 1.1 is to go your 'Start' button, click, go to "Settings" and select 'Control Panel'. Once you are in the Control Panel, go to the Add/Remove function, click on it, and, then, scroll down to the 'M's to see if Microsoft Net Framework 1.1 is present.

If Net 1.1 is among your programs, then, you have all you need for any of the foregoing podcast catching software. If Microsoft Net Framework Net is not present, then, you can download a copy for free at:

Microsoft Net Framework 1.1

If the above link does not work -- Microsoft sometimes fiddles around with the ID numbers at the end of the URL -- then, simply go to the main Microsoft Home page and use the site search function to locate from which page you can download Microsoft Net Framework 1.1 from within the Microsoft website.

Two other editions of podcast catching software are also highly recommended. The first is from Prime Time Podcast. Prime Time Podcast has a lot of great features which provide a user with a variety of options for how one wants to do things with respect to catching, downloading, storing, and organizing downloads. If you would like to download a freee copy of this software, please click on the PPR link below:

Prime Time Podcast

The final alternative works quite well both with respect to handling RSS feeds, as well as scheduling and organizing the downloads of RSS enclosures (e.g., MP3s). To download a copy of Feed Demon, just click on the link below:

Feed Demon

Once you have downloaded your podcast catching software of choice, installed it, and selected the settings as well as folders for when and where you want your RSS, MP3, enclosure feeds to be downloaded, then, all you have left to do is to select the RSS feeds from the Internet through which you wish to receive audio encloures and that are the reason for why one wanted a podcast catching program to begin with. Oddly enough, this brings us to the podcasts which are available through this web site.

Latest Edition of Sufi Reflections

If you wish to listen to a streaming version of this program, then, just click on the 'play' button of the audio-box below. This Podcast was broadcast on Wednesday May 5, 2010:

There is a back catalog of past podcasts -- both in streaming as well as downloadable mp3 format. These are available by going to:

Audio Library for Sufi Reflections Podcast