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This page is a gateway to a variety of articles on ecological issues.

These articles are being made available through with the kind permission of Peter Monague's Rachel Environment and Health Weekly magazine.


With the kind permission of Peter Montague, the editor of the Rachel E-Zine on environmental issues, articles from the archives of Rachel are being re-printed through this members-only web site. These articles offer a very good overview of many facets of environmental research, issues, problems, questions, and challenges, but for a far more comprehensive, in-depth introduction to ecology please go to the Environmental Research Foundation web page directly.


The articles to be found within this section of the Spiritual Health web pages are being published because we believe that the research, information, scholarship and perspective that underwrites and permeates them should be made available to as wide an audience as possible. The presence of the articles on ecology within this website in no way suggests or implies that Peter Montague or any of the members of the Environmenal Research Foundation subscribe to, or endorse, any of the other points of view, opinions, ideas, services or products which are being offered through the Spiritual Health website.

Last Updated on: March 28, 2010