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The Sufi-Mysticism.Org Web Site is offering free podcasts. The title of this podcast is Sufi Reflections

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If you would like to subscribe (it is free) to the Sufi Reflections podcast and receive new podcasts as they become available, then, enter the following xml url into your podcast receiving software. This will permit you to subscribe to the podcast, and you can program your podcast receiving software to download the podcast at a time which is convenient for you (usually overnight or while you are at work/school). Once the podcast has been downloaded, you can either listen to the MP3 on your computer or via your MP3 player.

The RSS syndication link for Sufi Reflections is:

Streaming Audio

The links to the right provide a listing for all 34 editions of the Sufi Reflections Podcast. By clicking on any of these links, you will be taken to another page where you will be able to play a streaming audio version of that particular podcast. In addition, on the page where the streaming audio for a given edition of the Sufi Reflections podcast appears, there will be a brief overview concerning the contents of the podcast.

To Download

If instead of listening to a streaming audio you would prefer to download a copy of any given edition of the Sufi Reflections podcast, then please go to:

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