The Web Site gives expression to a variety of resources which are capable, God willing, of constructively affecting spiritual health.

Through: essays, articles, stories, poems, books, blogs, and a podcast, this Spiritual Health web site critically explores an array of themes, ranging from: spiritual abuse, to: the Sufi Path (tasawwuf), mysticism, education, psychology, mind control, terrorism, ecology, Islam, the occult, political science, evolution, and much more.


Approximately a thousand years ago, the Sufi saint Hazrat al-Hujwiri (also known as Hazrat Dada Ganj Baksh) stated in his Kashf al-Mahjub -- and he, actually, was quoting someone from a still earlier time -- "Once Sufism was a reality without a name, and now it is a name without a reality." The problem has gotten worse since that time.
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One of the primary purposes of this Web Site is to serve as a virtual library (including written, audio, and video selections) that is intended to provide authentic information on, and insight into, numerous dimensions of the Sufi (tasawwuf) Path, in particular, and Islam, in general. Included amont the topics that are examined in the Web Site are the many facets and faces of spiritual abuse, as well as a great deal of discussion about how to identify and, God willing, counter such destructive forces.

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Last Updated on: May 12, 2010